CMP Style Shooting

(Civilian Marksmanship Program)

CMP Style Military Rifle Shoot.


You receive 56 rounds of ammo (30-06) and a 50 round course of fire to shoot.


Free Instruction Provided! It's a real deal!


Shoots are at noon on the third Sunday from March to October.  The shoot is open to owners of all military rifles of semi-automatic or bolt action repeating capability. Full automatic firing is not a part of the course of fire. A limited number of M-1 Rifles are available for use. They will be cleaned immediately after the shoot by the person using them. Guidance in disassembly and reassembly is provided. Cleaning materials are provided also. Ammunition provided is caliber 30-06 only. Participants who have firearms of other caliber should bring sufficient ammunition for sight-in and 50 record shots.


$38.00/56 Rounds of 30.06

If you bring your own ammo, there's a $5.00 Shoot/Target fee.


Please note; due to ammo availability and cost, shoot fee will be determined at time of ammo purchase.


For more information and current shoot cost, contact:

Ed Klemencic