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Please Read!

  • Only LFSC Members can submit items for sale.

  • Items for sale are limited to legal, shooting, archery, hunting and fishing items, and items relevant to those activities.  No advertising for services on this page.

  • All firearm transactions, and related items, must be done in accordance with the law. 

  • LFSC is not responsible for "Deals Gone Bad" and will not mediate transactions.  The "Seller" and "Buyer" take full responsibilty for their actions.

  • LFSC reserves the right to reject advertisements that are inappropriate or of questionable content.

  • Item will be advertised for a minimum of 90 days, longer if space is available.

  • If item sells, please email: so item can be removed...unless you want to continue getting calls for an item that's no longer available!

  • If you're looking for something, send info to:


  How to submit an item For Sale?

  1. Prepare a For Sale Flyer in .pdf format.  The flyer should contain all info you want to convey to the potential buyer...item details, price, pictures, contact info, etc.  If using pictures in your flyer, keep resolution low.  If you can't provide a .pdf format, include your document and we'll try to convert it, but this is as a last resort.  There are PDF converters, such as: PDF995, that can be downloaded for free.

  2. Once Flyer is prepared, email it to: and include an item description that will be used for the link.  Example: "Remington 870 Shotgun For Sale."  When the description is clicked your flyer will appear.  Include your name and current member number from your Membership Card in the email.

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