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LFSC Rental Info

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LFSC Rental Policy

March 1, 2022

Rental Range availability can be checked at:


  • LFSC club members aren’t permitted to rent, or use our ranges, for the purpose of personal gain.  Reference LFSC Bylaw: “General Conduct” section. 

  • We do not rent ranges to individuals for personal use.

  • We must have your current Certificate of Insurance, with Logan’s Ferry Sportsmen’s Club named as “Certificate Holder,” on file before a rental will be approved.   Please email certificate to:

  • The Indoor Range is not available for rental, unless pre-approved by the LFSC Board. 

  • Use of the Rental Range, by anyone, is strictly prohibited unless prior arrangements have been made in accordance with this document.

  • Rental rates are: $120.00 minimum or $12.00 per person, including: Instructors, RO’s, or other involved individuals, shooting or non-shooting.  The maximum rental duration is 8 hours, including setup and teardown.  Additional $20 per hour over 8 hours.

  • For exclusive classroom (LFSC Meeting Room) rental, the aforementioned range rental rates will apply. 

  • If classroom and range are needed on the same day, a minimum $100.00 classroom fee will apply, and will be determined based on specific time needed, and room requirements.

  • Rental requests must be made by email, to: Request must contain the following:

    1. Name of company/organization.

    2. Rental date.

    3. Estimated start and end times.

    4. Estimated number of participants, including Instructors, RO’s, and other individuals.

    5. Name and contact info for individual that will supervise the training.

    6. Type of training and firearms.  Examples: NRA Basic Pistol/Pistols; Act 235 Qualification/Pistols & Shotguns

    7. Any special requirements you may have.    

A reply email will be sent as confirmation of the rental request, and the rental will be entered on the online LFSC Calendar.

  • The individuals(s) responsible for supervising the training must be at the range/classroom while others are there.  That individual can designate another person to temporarily supervise in their absence, but cannot leave for the day while others remain on club property.

  • No full auto fire on the Rental Range!  If full auto fire is required, it can be arranged on another range.

  • Remove, and dispose of all target materials.  If using cardboard targets, please dispose of them in the dumpster located in the parking area.  Police shell cases and place in Brass Buckets, if not wanted.  Shotgun shells should be thrown away.  Dispose of other trash items.

  • No Parking at 100 Yard Range pavilion.

  • Rental of other LFSC ranges can be done, but must be discussed to determine which range can be used based on your needs and specific range rules that will or will not accommodate your use of that range. 

  • Rental cancellations must be made at least 48 hours before rental date.  Failure to cancel within that time frame will result in a $50.00 Late Cancellation Fee.  If no cancellation notice is given, the minimum range fee of $120.00 will be charged.  To cancel, email:  

  • A PIN or Gate Key will be issued to open the gate, and if applicable, the clubhouse.

  • When rental is complete, email: with number of individuals that used the range.  If required, an invoice will be emailed with remittance information.

By renting LFSC facilities you agree to the LFSC Club Policies & Rules stated at:

and set forth in this document.

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