Range Rules, Club Rules, Bylaws & Policies

Always abide by the three NRA fundamental rules for safe gun handling:

ALWAYS keep the gun pointed in a safe direction!

ALWAYS keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot!

ALWAYS keep the gun unloaded until ready to use!




General Range Rules

1. Eye & Ear protection MUST be worn at all times while on ranges, and we strongly recommend using Eye & Ear protection while in the vicinity of the ranges, especially eye protection, since ricochets do travel out of the shooting ranges.  This includes shooters and bystanders. If shooting on the same range with individuals that aren’t with you or in your group, it’s the shooters responsibility to make sure others are wearing protective gear before you fire.  In addition, eye protection is required at all times, for anyone in the vicinity of the ranges. Ricochets can travel great distances, and with high velocity!​


2. No shooting after sunset on outdoor ranges.  No shooting on outdoor ranges before 10:00 a.m. on Sunday's.

3. Before moving downrange, make sure to announce your intentions to others on that range, and be sure they have heard and acknowledge what you intend to do.  Make absolutely sure the “RANGE IS SAFE” before moving downrange.


4. Targets are restricted to: paper, cardboard, wood, Clay Birds, tin cans, soft plastic containers, such as: milk, water, juice bottles. Absolutely no glass/ceramic/tiles/cd's/DVD's or items that leave shards. No household items, such as: computers, TV’s furniture, and other appliances.  No food items are to be shot on any range!  We recommend using Clay Birds since they’re fun to shoot with any firearm, and they’re range and environmentally friendly.  Anyone caught firing at restricted items will be removed from the range, and membership could be terminated.

5. No metal jacketed or steel core ammo is permitted to be fired at any steel items on Steel Plate Range.  Jackets can shear away from bullet, ricochet, and could cause injury to shooter and/or bystanders. 


6. Observe firearm restrictions posted at the Plate Range.

7. Do not shoot at any object on the ground, on any range, except when the object is at the Target Line/Backstop.  Since there isn't a definitive target line in the open bays, it's permitted to move downrange to shoot.  Ground targets are to be kept at the end of the range.     


8. When shooting is complete, you must clean up and dispose of all shell casings (including .22’s and non-reloadable aluminum and steel cases) from wherever they land...asphalt and other ground surfaces.  Remove and dispose of all target materials and debris. Please use dumpsters for larger items.

9. Shooting on 50, 100, and 300 Yard Ranges must be at range distances.  Example: If shooting the 50 Yard Range targets must be placed at 50 yards.   Shooting short on 25 Yd. Range is permitted, but shooter must shoot from pavilion, and at targets that are positioned so that rounds impact backstop, not the ground before the backstop. Since the 300 Yard Range has 3 target lines...100, 200, and 300, shooter must shoot at those distances, and only at the target line for that distance.  No exceptions!  There's a working Gas Well on this range.


10. All shooting must be done from the firing points (pavilions).  Do not move forward, beyond the pavilions to fire!  The only exceptions are Open Bays 1, 2, 3, & 4.


11. Rental and Cowboy ranges are used only for organized and approved events. DO NOT USE THESE RANGES!

12. No guests permitted on the 300 Yard Range and Indoor Range

13. Guests must accompany main member at all times!  Main member is that member with the “G” on their membership card.  Guests and members must be on the same range.  

14. To use any part of the 300 Yard Range, you must have signed the waiver at time of membership or renewal.


15. DO NOT use posts, Plate Racks, Hanging Steel, or any other items that aren't intended target stands, as target hangers/backers.​

16. All target lines...100, 200, and 300 at the 300 Yd. Range  are intended for paper/cardboard targets only.  DO NOT use target frames or backers to hang or rest anything but paper/cardboard targets.


17. No rapid fire, at any distance, on the 300 Yd. and 100 Yd. Ranges. (Maximum of 1 shot every 3 seconds)


18. DO NOT shoot protective metal angle posts on any range.  These posts will be found on the Plate Range, 25, 50, 100, and 300 Yd. Ranges.  Dangerous ricochets will occur, and posts get damaged!

19. EVRYONE is a Safety Officer!  Look out for each other, and POLITELY, make others aware of safety and range rule offenses that could impact you and others. ​


20. Steel targets are permitted at the 300 Yd. distance only, of the 300 Yd. Range, but must be kept away from the target line, and positioned at a safe angle.


21. Target Stands that are brought to the range are to be taken with you when you leave, or disposed of in one of the dumpsters.  We can't allow these items to be stored on club property, or left behind, assuming that someone else will use them.


22. Persons under the age of 18 are not permitted to use our ranges without adult supervision. 


23. A person under 18 that’s included in a Family membership is not permitted to use their membership to use the facilities without being accompanied by an adult listed on that membership.       


24. Members with guest privileges may bring just one guest per visit, unless Guest Day Pass is purchased to allow one additional guest for a day.


25. Tracer rounds aren’t permitted to be fired anywhere on LFSC property.  Tracer rounds can ignite foliage, and cause a serious fire!   


Indoor Range Rules


In addition to other range and club rules, please follow these specific Indoor Range rules.


  1. Shooters & Spectators Must Use Eye & Ear Protection

  2. No Guests Permitted to Shoot on the Indoor Range

  3. No Shotgun (Includes Taurus Judge Type Firearms)

  4. No Black Powder

  5. No Long Guns, Except .22 Rimfire

  6. No SBR’s (Short Barrel Rifle’s)

  7. No Magnum Loads (.357 Magnum, .44 Magnum, 454 Casull, 460 S&W, 500 S&W, etc.)

  8. No Full Auto

  9. No Rapid Fire (Maximum Rate of Fire is 1 Shot Every 2 Seconds)

  10. No Draw and Fire Exercises

  11. No Position Cross Fire (Engage only the target that’s in the same lane as the shooter)

  12. Use Provided Cardboard Target Backers

  13. Position Target so Bullets Impact Only Black Rubber at Backstop.  Understand Bullet Trajectory!

  14. Keep Door Closed When Using Range

  15. Fans Must be On When Using Range

  16. When Shooting is Completed:

    • Remove Target Materials

    • Pick Up Brass

    • Sweep Floor

    • Turn Off Fans & Lights

    •  For Your Safety, Wash Hands After Leaving Range


Steel Plate Range Rules

Failure to comply will result in membership suspension or termination!



  1. Metal Jacketed and/or Steel Core ammo types are strictly prohibited to be fired at steel plates, frames, or in close proximity of steel structures. 



  4. do not use frames/structures that hold steel plates to mount targets or rest items to be engaged.

  5. avoid hitting frames or hangars that hold steel plates.  Dangerous ricochets can occur!

  6. no cans, bottles, containers, etc.  clay birds must be placed downrange on the hillside, and in an opening where shots won’t impact steel.




  2. lead, copper Plated, Synthetic coated or synthetic jacketed ammo types are permitted.  if you don’t know what type of ammo you have, don’t use it on this range to shoot at steel.

  3. this range is exclusively for steel plate shooting, paper/cardboard targets, and clay birds. 

  4. Permitted calibers, with Jacketed bullets, can be used to engage paper/cardboard targets mounted on a target stand that is high enough that bullets impact the dirt backstop, and won’t impact steel.  Jacketed ammo can also be used to engage clay birds.




  1.  all shooters and bystanders are responsible for the safety of others on the range!

  2. Make sure all shooters and bystanders are wearing eye & ear protection before you fire!



Clean up all brass and target materials!


General Club Rules


1. Only members in good standing and guests of members with appropriate guest privileges are permitted to use our ranges, except at organized events that are open to the public.  A “Guest” is anyone that accompanies the main member on club property...shooting or non-shooting.

2. Only the individual for which the membership has been granted is permitted to use that membership card.  "Loaning" your membership card to another individual will result in membership termination, without refund.

3. Membership cards must be displayed while on club property.  Memberships do not have to be worn if performing work, when wearing the membership would inhibit the ability to perform that work.

4. Any club officer is obligated, and has the authority to verify if a membership is valid.  In the event of a serious offense, the officer has the authority to obtain the membership information, and if needed, request that the person(s) leave the club property.


5. Members have the right to politely ask other members to see their membership if not obviously displayed.


6. No alcoholic beverages permitted on club property, unless there has been prior Board approval given to allow alcohol for a club activity.


7. No shooting under the influence of alcohol or intoxicating substances.


8. Drive safely on club property!  Speed limit on club property is no more than 5 mph.


9. Hunting on club property is permitted; however, no ranges are closed or unavailable to members while others are hunting.  As always, it's the shooter's (hunting or just shooting) responsibility to shoot in a safe direction, and to make sure nobody is down range. This is particularly important at the 300 Yard Range.  While hunting, be aware of your location with respect to the ranges.


10. Members aren't permitted to use club facilities...ranges or buildings, for the purpose of monetary or personal gain.  As an example: a Firearms Instructor may not use membership/guest privileges to provide training to anyone for fee's.  For clarification regarding this rule, see By-Laws section "General Conduct" section: "Use of Club Name"


Full Auto or Bump Fire


NO full auto or “bump fire” or other firing mechanism enabling uncontrolled rapid fire in the Indoor Range, 100 Yard Range, Plate Range, and at any firing point on the 300 Yard Range...100, 200, or 300 yards.


Explosive Targets


"Tannerite" and similar explosive targets are limited to one pound or less, and must be used in compliance with all manufacturers safety guidelines.  Use of aforementioned shall cause NO damage to ranges and persons.  No exploding targets are permitted to be used on the Steel Plate Range or 100 and 200 yard target lines of the 300 Yard Range.  All explosive targets must be kept away from target line structures...if any, but positioned all the way downrange.



READ and OBSERVE signs that are posted on all ranges and club grounds.  Failure to comply with club rules could result in membership suspension or termination.


Belligerent and/or unsafe behavior while on LFSC property will not be tolerated!



In case of an emergency, call 911 and be sure to inform dispatcher that you're located in Plum Boro, Allegheny County.  If a cell phone isn't available, use the phone in the foyer of the clubhouse.  It’s a direct line to 911.