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We don't rent our ranges or facilities to individuals!  Authorized and pre-approved organizations only!  If you would like to use our facilities on an individual basis, you must become a member.  Click Here to learn how. 

In Case of Emergency...

Call 911


Using Cell Phone:

Dial 911 and advise Dispatcher you are located in Plum Boro, Allegheny County

Using 911 Direct Line Located in Clubhouse Foyer:

(Phone automatically dials Allegheny County 911 when handset is picked up)


Our physical location is:

Logan’s Ferry Sportsmen’s Club

210 Field Club Rd.

New Kensington, PA 15068

(Allegheny County)

Stay with patient, and if possible, solicit someone else with a Gate Key, to go to gate area to open gate for 1st Responders, and direct them to the patient.  That person should remain at gate area for other 1st Responders that will respond to the incident.

If you are willing, administer first aid to the patient until 1st Responders arrive.

As soon as possible, inform the club President of the incident, by calling or texting: (412) 607-5313


If you haven't received, or misplaced it, you can download one here: 2022 Renewal Form or pick one up in the clubhouse foyer.


For individuals that joined in 2021, Senior Memberships are not available until the 2024 renewal period, even if you're 62 or over.


If not received on time, the LFSC bylaws require you to join as a new member.

Time Left To Renew:

2021-10-21 10.39.38.jpg



We recently had numerous trees removed, and we kept the mulch in order to keep the cost down for the work.

Mulch is located at Trap Range area, and vehicle can be driven to mulch pile for easy loading.

If you are interested in taking mulch, you must first call or text: 412-607-5313 

Club Business Meetings are Open To All Members and Approved Guests

The next business meeting will be Saturday, December 4, 2021 at 10:00 a.m.

Club Business Meetings will be held on the 1st Saturday of the month at 10:00 a.m.


LFSC Has Range Brass For Sale...At Great Prices!

Most brass is once fired!

The available calibers are: 380 Auto, 9mm, 38 Special, 40 S&W, 45 ACP, and 223 Remington.  The majority is 9mm.

Brass is uncleaned, and isn't checked for quality.

The brass is on a cart next to the drink cooler in the clubhouse lounge, and can be accessed 24/7.

The price sheet and payment envelopes are located on the cart.

Paying for the brass is on the honor system!  Please pay for what you take!    


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Please Use Your Gate Key (Access Card)!

As a reminder, use your Gate Key to scan in and out of the gate.  We've communicated the importance of using your Gate Key to scan in and out of the gate...even if the gate is open.  The gate is often programmed to open and close for certain club activities.  If you're coming through the gate at the exact time the gate is programmed to close it could close on your vehicle and severely damage the gate mechanism.  Scanning your card (Must beep to acknowledge the scanner read your card) will give an additional 30 seconds open time, even if the gate is set to close   The gate system does have safety devices to prevent closure on a person or vehicle, but nothing is 100% effective, and for the little time it takes to scan your card it's worth preventing thousands of dollars in damage.  Also, don't allow vehicles behind you to "piggyback" through the gate.  If a vehicle is behind you, they're obligated to scan their card also.  If a guest is accompanying you in another vehicle, scan them in first then scan yourself through the gate.  Again, this applies whether the gate is opened or closed!


Have a Guest Pass and want to bring an additional Guest?

Click Here to see how to make that happen.

LFSC Drop Box

The Drop Box is located in the foyer of the clubhouse.  It can be used for communications to the LFSC Staff, leaving small articles that have been found, such as keys, membership cards, etc., most important, you can use it to drop off your Membership Renewal and save a stamp (mark drop date on envelope before depositing in box).  If you've left anything that requires immediate attention, please let us know by sending an email to: lfscmail@gmail.com  We'll try to check the box every day, but there are times when it could be less frequent.

LFSC Safety & Orientation Video

The video provides a current view of our club, as well as activities, rules, and most important, safety.  It's well worth the 36 minutes to watch.



Archery Range Parking

If you plan to use the Archery range, DO NOT drive into range area!  It's likely your vehicle will get stuck.  The only appropriate parking area is the asphalt parking lot, which isn't too far from the range.   

How to become an LFSC Member?
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Hunting at LFSC

Click Here for Info


How to Upgrade Membership With Guest Privileges?
If you want to upgrade your membership to have guest privileges, and are eligible (over one year as a member), send a $50.00 check or money order made payable to LFSC.   Be sure to include the member name and return address.  We will send you the Guest Pass that will be affixed to your current membership card.
Send to:
PO Box 14047
Pittsburgh, PA 15239  

Postal & Email Address Changes

If your postal and/or email address has changed, please let us know so we can send membership renewals, and other communications to the proper address.  If we're not notified, and you don't receive your renewal, the late renewal policies will be strictly enforced.  Notify us at: Member Address Change  or lfscmail@gmail.com  Be sure to include your name, old address, and member number as it appears on your current Membership Card.  We do not share member info with anyone, except club officers that have a legitimate need to know for club business.


Club Calendar

Always check the Calendar before planning your day at the range.  There could be a scheduled event that will prohibit use of some, or on rare occasions, all ranges.

Lost & Found

We often get calls from folks saying they left something at the range, and when they went back to get it the item was gone.  Please...don't take items that don't belong to you!  If the item is such that you feel you should take possession of it for safe keeping, do that, but immediately call or text: 412-607-5313, or click to email: LFSC Lost & Found  We'll make sure the item is returned to it's rightful owner.

Club Photos

Send us that photo of your day at Logans Ferry, and I'll post it on the Club Photos page.  Maybe the 1st time shooter(s), you with that new firearm you shot for the first time, a picture of that target with the great group that made your day...whatever, as long as it's taken at Logans Ferry.  Please keep the resolution low, and provide an explanation of the picture.  Name's are optional.

Please click below to send:

 LFSC Club Photos


Contact Us

 Need to get an answer on something related to the club?  Find out who's the correct person to contact for whatever?  Report a club related incident?  It's easy!  Click here to go to the "Contact Us" page and submit a message.  We will get back to you promptly!       


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