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(Pistol Action Shooting)


Have you thought about being involved in a shooting competition, but don't want to break the bank for guns and gear?  Would you like to compete, but in a more laid back way?  Would you like to shoot a competition that tests and hones your pistol shooting skills?  Would you like to hear the clang of steel when hit, and the clang and fall of steel plates instead of always shooting at paper targets, plastic bottles or tin cans?  Pistol Action Shooting (PAS) may be the answer!


Equipment needed:

The shooter would use one stock semi-automatic pistol in a caliber of 9mm to .45 magnum type semi-auto’s. Lead or copper plated ammo only! No jacketed bullets or bullets with Gas Checks. No optical sights and no external modifications except aftermarket iron sights, which could include sights with fiber optic inserts and night sights. Basically, the pistol you would use for self-defense or target “Race Guns.” A proper fitting holster for the gun model you’re using would be recommended. The recommended magazine capacity would be at least 10, and at least one double magazine pouch is recommended for reloads during the stage. The number of magazines you need would depend on the magazine capacity. Stages would be designed to shoot 30-45 rounds per sequence, so as an example; 10-15 round magazines are a good choice for 9mm, so mag changes are kept to a minimum. Eye and ear protection are absolutely mandatory! Electronic Ear Muffs are a great choice.In addition to the above, we’ve added a Pistol/Shotgun category which allows the use of a shotgun, in addition to a pistol. All shotguns are permitted, except semi-auto type. Best choice is a shorter barrel, pump style with magazine capacity of at least 6 rounds.  If choosing to use a rifle/carbine, a semi-auto pistol caliber rifle, limited to 9mm, .40 S&W, and 45 auto are permitted. It's recommended to use magazines with a capacity of at least 10 rounds.  Other style rifle actions are permitted as long as they're chambered in the allowed calibers.  


How it works:

The stage (shooting sequence) would be setup for a very specific round count and shooting sequence, let’s say the round count is 30. The stage could have a story line which sets up the sequence of events. As an example: Frank hears a knock at his door, but it’s late at night and he wasn’t expecting anyone. He cautiously opens the door with one hand and his other hand is holding his pistol. As the door opens he immediately realizes he’ll have to defend himself and protect his that moment the shooting starts. The shooter will be timed and the timer is initiated with a pre-determined queue, such as the shooter saying a line or opening the door. At this point the shooter engages specific targets with a specific number of rounds. There could be as many as 30 steel plates and knockdown targets in a stage. The shooter is scored with overall time, penalties for misses, as well as penalties for safety infractions and procedurals (shooting the wrong target or incorrect shooting sequence).


Shooter participation and expectations:

As with other activities like this, shooter participation is essential in having a safe, fun and efficient shoot. First and foremost, all shooters are Safety Officers. There would also be specific duties shared among the shooters, such as: Spotters, Timer Operators, Range Officer (oversees entire group), Loading Table Officers, Unloading Table Officers, Target Resetters, Score Keepers, and Brass Pickers. Help would also be needed to setup and teardown the match. It sounds like a lot to do, and it can be, but with a lot of hands helping, the work is significantly reduced for all.


Who can shoot the matches?

I need to limit the shoot participation to 20 individuals, so participation is limited to current Logans Ferry members, which includes qualified family members, and guests of members with the appropriate guest privileges. I send an email in advance of the shoot, to all who have indicated an interest, and ask you to RSVP. The first 20 individuals that respond positively to attend, will shoot the match. All participants must be age 18 and over, unless individual has demonstrated safe and proficient gun handling, and is accompanied by a guardian.


2018 Schedule


In 2018, we’ll be shooting the 3rd Saturday of the month, April to permitting.

           April 21st-Cancelled

May 19th-Cancelled

June 16th-Cancelled

July 21st

August 18th

September 15th

October 20th

November-To Be Determined


Looking for a fun shooting activity, a more laid back competition, and more affordable than other shooting competitions?  Contact me if you have questions, or would like to be included on the email distribution list.


Dave Aubele


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